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Your Personal Brand

How do you perceive yourself and is it the same way that others perceive you?


A powerful personal brand is communicated through confident verbal and behaviour, such as vocal intonations, body posture and hand gestures.
But it is also transmitted through a polished image, impeccable style and charismatic presence.


So how do you grow confidence & charisma?


Everyone can cultivate these essential soft skills with some practice. We’ll show you how:

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Personal Coaching & Corporate Training

About us

SuperStyle’s Personal Branding consultancy is a unique blend of communication, style, social etiquette and body language science for men and women. Pioneered by studies at Columbia University and Harvard Business School, the training is designed to help you enhance the way you communicate, look, feel, and react in both your professional and personal lives.

The team of internationally qualified instructors, able to facilitate in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, are trained in disciplines spanning from verbal and non-verbal communication, etiquette, and image to dance, yoga and life coaching. We provide high calibre one-on-one tuition, group workshops, private parties and corporate training.

“Style is no secret, but it does take practice. Once you have it, it’s yours for life.”

Kate Targett-Adams

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Some Interesting Communication Facts
First Impressions Are Made Of:




Tone of voice


Body Language


Choose any workshop from our three pillars to get you started on your Personal Branding journey:

Personal Branding Benefits

  • Confidence & Charisma
  • Executive Presence
  • Self-Assurance
  • Authority
  • Style & Elegance
  • Sophistication & Grace
  • Wellbeing


Corporate Training



What makes a great leader – one who inspires and influences others?

Studies show that critical soft skills such as executive presence, assertiveness and authenticity are equally as important as hard skill expertise when differentiating oneself amongst the crowd and becoming an engaging leader.


SuperStyle Asia’s unisex, customised corporate training uses scientifically proven techniques & interactive methods to provide executives at all levels with a toolkit for life, helping to add value to and accelerate their careers with instant and long term results.

Hotel Staff



SuperStyle Asia works closely with leading hotel brands such across Asia to assist staff members to develop a greater understanding of how their personal brand and the level of sincerity and etiquette they communicate on a daily basis impacts each and every Guest.


“We chose to engage SuperStyle Asia to provide our team members with Etiquette training because of their interactive and contemporary approach. I was impressed with the way SuperStyle customized the contents to suit our unique branding & culture as well as the luxury service that we provide to all our guests. I would happily recommend SuperStyle in the future.”

Frederic Luvisutto, Chief Operating Officer Wynn Palace, Macau

Personal Branding/Media Skills/Social Media Training

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Ideal for Guest-facing Chefs, Bartenders & Sommeliers

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