First & Lasting Impressions: New Personal Brand Training Workshop

New SuperStyle Personal Brand Training Workshop: First and Lasting Impressions

Join us for our last Personal Brand Training Workshop in SoHo, Hong Kong, before Summer: Learn how to introduce your best self in 7 seconds through your body language, facial expressions, vocal presence and words.

These tools will also help focus on how to leave a positive lasting impression by mastering sincerity, authenticity and charisma.

This workshop will cover how to:

1) adjust your body language to build maximum rapport with others
2) enter and exit a room with presence
3) become aware of and learn how to manage your facial expressions
4) use your words to make others feel a genuine connection with you

You have the chance to create a special bond and rapport when you communicate well with others – and when you leave, those you interact will feel both valued and impressed by you.

Email us to find out more and to sign up – only one spot left!

Interested in our one-on-one coaching? See our course overview here.

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