New Monthly SuperStylista Meetup: A Cup of Confidence



Confidence never goes out of style

And did you know that it’s like a muscle? The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Whether on a personal level or in your professional life, you need to both look & feel confident to be happy and successful.

But once in a while even the most assertive, self-assured and fabulous lady needs a confidence boost to get back on track.

That’s why we’ve created a new free SuperStylista meetup called ‘A Cup of Confidence’.

Join us once a month for a nice cup of tea/coffee where we share our ideas on ‘confidence inside-out’ PLUS give you top tips on:

–  Personal branding

–  Body language and communication

–  Presence & presentation skills

–  Styling and beauty

–  Image management for work and play

Click here to find out more or drop us a line:

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