Photo Fabulous or Photo Frumpy?

Photo by NY Times


What was your favourite fashion moment at this year’s Met Gala?

Here at SuperStyle, we certainly love the glamour and glitz of the gowns, but are slightly more interested in the stars’ body language and photo positioning.

Let’s take a look:

Photo Fabulous or Photo Frumpy – what does their pose say about them?


Photo by NY Times




Who: Chloe Sevigny

Verdict: Photo Frumpy – Double dangling arms left this colourful creation looking like it might just fall off if she moved!

Score: 3/10


Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage


Who: Rihanna

Verdict: Photo Fabulous – A regal posture is definitely required to carry off Guo Pei’s robe

Score: 7/10


Photo by NY Times


Who: Solange

Verdict: Photo Frumpy – Covering them up entirely is one way to avoid keeping your shoulders back

Score: 5/10


Photo by NY Times


Who: Lorde

Verdict: Photo Frumpy – We know it’s part of the teenage signature stance but, Lorde, we’d love you to lift up your head and stop your hands from hiding your beauty

Score: 4/10


Photo by NY Times




Who: Fei Fei Sun

Verdict: Photo Fabulous – A oldy but graceful goody! Fei Fei Sun sports a classic ‘one arm back, one arm forwards’

Score: 10/10

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