Gorgeously Groomed

Become your own make-up, hair and skincare expert


We’ve all dabbled in self-styling but do we always get it right? Find out once and for all how to give your skin the all-natural nutrition and hydration it requires in order to glow. Or how about knowing how to blend the perfect make-up look for your face or style your hair in humid Hong Kong for daytime or evening? Our team of award winning experts have over 30 years of collective experience in their fields and our SuperStylists recommend them so highly that we use them ourselves!


You will learn:

  • Make-up: how to apply your own make up to exactly suit you and your face shape. Discover how to easily adapt your look for day time, evening or a special occasion
  • Skin care: what type of skin you have and which line in our Italian brand ‘Organic Elements’ will give you the perfect results
  • Hair: understand your hair type and how to take care of it in the humidity of Hong Kong. A few simple techniques on how to innovatively style your hair for any occasion will leave you feeling chic and confident.




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