Move with Style

Experience graceful movement & femininity through dance.


Our dance classes are about feeling good, exploring femininity and putting positive posture into practice – rather than busting out perfect moves. These low impact, gently cardio routines have been customized to fit five different dance inspirations: Belly, Tango, Burlesque, Salsa or Club style dancing. With a song covered in a one hour session the choreography is simple yet effective – and will have a striking impact on your good mood, energy and inner/outer confidence.


You will learn:

  • Body isolation to increase the control over your movements
  • Musicality and self expression through an easy and lightly cardio routine
  • Feminine style dance inspirations to boost your confidence in everyday life


Choose from:

  • Belly-Bolly Style
  • Tango Style
  • Salsa Style
  • Burlesque Style
  • Club Style


Ideal for girlie parties, hen nights or a get together, SuperStyle provides fun props for each dance style to help you get in the mood




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