Photo Fabulous

Make the cameras love you on every kind of occasion


A bad photo can feel like a disaster – whether it’s on Facebook, at work or your wedding day. But you can make cameras love you. We will teach you how to position your body and play with angles and expressions to get the most out of every photo, on every kind of occasion. From fun and playful to corporate or ultra glamorous – we’ve got you covered. Strike a pose!


You will learn how to pose for:

  • Work
    Explore your professional image and stand out from the crowd. From your LinkedIn profile picture to photos at the office and work parties it’s important to project your own brand of confidence and professionalism
  • Play
    We’ll teach you simple, natural ways to let your true mood and personality shine through― and look great ―on the screen. Discover your best angles to bring out the true YOU.
  • Red Carpet
    You never know when you’ll need to turn up the Glam factor. But whether it’s your wedding, someone else’s wedding, or the party of the year, you can learn to command every camera in the room.




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