Posture Yoga

Stretch and strengthen your way into healthy posture & wellbeing


Our Posture Yoga course will teach you exercises that you can use regularly at home or in the office in order to develop your perfect posture and enable your muscles to hold you up more naturally and more efficiently by themselves. Focusing on the key areas for good posture: neck, shoulders, core, and pelvis, this specially created yoga series also blends techniques for full body balance and flexibility so that you can feel greater confidence and ease in your daily life. No yoga experience needed, casual sportswear or loose clothing recommended.


You will learn:

  • Awaken
    A routine to take home that will enliven and awaken your body from head to toe, and begin your day powerfully
  • Restore
    Techniques to give tight shoulders a break whilst relaxing and strengthening your neck, awakening and activating your core and improving digestion during your lunch hour
  • Relax
    Draw each day to a close with this series of deeply relaxing movements, massage techniques and breathing exercises, to regain the body’s balance and release any tension




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