The Fine Line

Practical solutions to nurture your executive female presence


Looking, speaking and acting forthright enough to be trustworthy and taken seriously at the workplace, whilst remaining feminine enough to be considered amiable and likeable is a consistent challenge for women in the boardroom. Historical, cultural and social norms require women in business to walk a fine line if they are going to get ahead. This workshop looks at practical solutions to appearance, communication and character values in order to nurture talent and mould executive female presence.


You will learn:

  • Effective Language:
  • How to pitch and vary vocal communication in a male/female dominated working environment
  • How to master language in order to be effective and efficient in written and spoken speech, both online and offline
  • How to ask for and accept criticism
  • Professional Appearance
  • How to understand the unspoken dress code and master your professional appearance
  • How to also assist your colleagues to dress appropriately for the workplace
  • How to tailor-make your appearance for different work situations within the same day – daytime to evening, on site to off site
  • Female Executive Presence
  • How to master gravitas and executive presence in order to communicate your brand
  • Unconscious bias – managing preconceptions in both yourself and others
  • How to deal with stress by accessing a 30 second technique for remaining calm and in control




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