Walk with Style

Our complete guide to walking gracefully in flats and high heels


Common experience tell us we can recognise people by their ‘gait’ or walk. Unless you are an actress, model or politician, it’s unlikely that anyone has taught you how to walk with style in flat shoes or high heels. As adults we can also develop bad habits that can undermine our body’s natural confidence and grace. Add high heels into the mix on the hills of Hong Kong and your posture can sky rocket out of alignment. Our coaches will look personally at the way you walk and make subtle changes to help you master your own elegant and eye-catching, unique walk.


You will learn how to:

  • Stand, walk and sit elegantly, sexily or superstylishly in flats & high heels
  • Practically apply the theory to stairs, slippery surfaces, grass, getting in/out of a taxi
  • Get the most out of your heels with pre/post tips & stretches. plus advice on how to choose the right shoe for you.




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