SuperInspiration Series: Trevor Smith

SuperInspiration Series


Our ‘SuperInspiration Series’ features smart, charismatic & stylish personal brand communicators.

Today we talk to executive management and leadership coach Trevor Smith who recently joined our SuperStyle team.

Trevor tells us about the big come back of smart business attire, how he makes every meeting count and why to be ‘in the moment’ is important:

1) What piece of clothing reflects your personal style and personality?

Cuff links…….I like to be smart and I am disappointed that business casual standards have slipped these days. Interestingly, I believe that smart business attire is making a big come back!

2) How do you prepare mentally & physically minutes before an important meeting, presentation or performance?

I seek to make every meeting count and prefer to refer to them as ‘encounters’ rather than meetings. As an executive coach it’s important to be ‘in the moment’ and not let the issues of your past meeting (or next meeting) encroach on the ‘now’. Each time I meet someone I see it as an opportunity to touch their lives and make a positive difference. I am genuinely interested in others and want to help everyone to unlock their true potential. Being fully prepared is key to making sure you don’t practice in the final!

Trevor Smith, Founder and Executive Coach of The Orchard Partnership, poses for a picture at SCMP Studio in Causeway Bay. 06OCT14

3) What are some soft skills that you feel have best served you both personally and professionally?

I am currently writing a book on soft skills, so I have given it a lot of thought! For me it’s:

  • Being authentic and acting with integrity
  • Being positive and optimistic
  • Asking good questions and listening
  • Planning ahead and preparing for contingencies
  • Seeking to add value to others

I am eternally grateful to my parents for laying solid foundations – I miss them dearly.


Thanks so much for these insights, Trevor! 

If you are interested in a private coaching session with Trevor, email us:


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