The SuperInspiration Series: Kate Targett-Adams

SuperInspiration Series

Here at SuperStyle we love to connect with people who not only have an interesting story to tell, but who also inspire us to craft and manage our personal brand better.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new blog post called ‘The SuperInspiration Series’ where we feature smart, charismatic & stylish personal brand communicators.

Let’s start with one of our own team members: SuperStyle founder and head coach Kate Targett-Adams tells us how she manages to go with the flow, stay calm and how to put her innate curiosity into practice:

1) What piece of clothing reflects your personal style and personality?

I’m quite attached to a golden pendant necklace I picked up a couple of years back in Bali. It’s quite eye-catching but not too flashy and goes with any outfit anytime smart or casual.
I’d like to think, like the necklace, I can go with the flow – most of the time 😉

2) How do you prepare mentally & physically minutes before an important meeting, presentation or performance?

I always do a Power Pose to boost charisma followed by a centering technique I learned from UK embodiment trainer, Mark Walsh, which helps me to instantly access focus and calm.
These two things are a winning combination in my mind – I’d recommend them to everyone.

Kate Targett-Adams

3) What are some soft skills that you feel have best served you both personally and professionally?

I feel I have an innate curiosity in people and this drives me to both ask questions and listen. I enjoy networking in Hong Kong as you never know what amazing stories you will hear.

Interested to learn more about Kate and her workshops? Drop her a line or check out her full bio here.

Now it’s your turn, tell us what piece of clothing reflects your personal style and personality?

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