The SuperInspiration Series: Linda Cui

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Here at SuperStyle we love to connect with people who not only have an interesting story to tell, but who also inspire us to craft and manage our personal brand better.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new blog post called ‘The SuperInspiration Series’ where we feature smart, charismatic & stylish personal brand communicators.

Today we had a chat with Linda Cui whom we first met last year as an elegant contestant at Miss Universe China 2014. Linda went on to be chosen for the Chinese reality TV show ‘I Supermodel’.

She tells us her secret to looking effortlessly, how she conquers stage fright and why the right attitude leads to more opportunities:

1) What piece of clothing reflects your personal style and personality?

I wear black most of the time so I find that a piece of accessory goes a long way. My favourite of the bunch is a Gucci watch that is also a eye catching bracelet at the same time, with colourful hues and stylish design. It goes with everything and completes the look effortlessly. I love big buckle earnings too.

2) How do you prepare mentally & physically minutes before an important meeting, presentation or performance?

I get very nervous just before and I usually find a quiet spot to rearrange my thoughts. My trick is to visualise over and over again how great my performance/presentation would turn out and I stick to that thought. When I was competing in Miss Universe China, I had to walk on stage presenting myself in the best possible light without tripping and forgetting my steps. Just before getting on stage, I told myself to walk gracefully and confidently as if I had already won, and it turned out to be alright!

Linda Cui
3) What are some soft skills that you feel have best served you both personally and professionally?

I am a very easy going person and I find that people appreciate when you are willing to work with them with open mindedness. I always keep my expectations very low but put in maximum effort in every opportunity I get. Overtime, I realised that with the right attitude and mentality one thing leads to another in wonderful ways that you can never predict. My most important soft skill is to always stay positive. The universe will surely pick it up and manifest it into bigger and better things.

Thanks so much for these insights, Linda! 

We are looking forward to the Miss Universe China 2015 finals in late August when the winner will be crowned and prepared to bring home the title. One contestant was already crowned ‘Miss SuperLady’ by us during bootcamp. Visit our Facebook page for all bootcamp pics and be sure to visit our new SuperLady China website!

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